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ISSN : 2093-5587(Print)
ISSN : 2093-1409(Online)
Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences Vol.34 No.1 pp.55-65

Analysis on the Hour-lines of Yangcheon-cheok

Sang Hyuk Kim,Byeong-Hee Mihn,Yong Sam Lee


We studied the hour-lines of six extant Yangcheon-cheoks in Korea. To find whether Yangcheon-cheok was used in the whole area of Korea, we calculated the length of shadows of Yangcheon-cheok on the Korean Peninsula, Nanjing and Beijing as well as Hanyang (Seoul), according to 24 solar terms. Comparing the length of shadows with hour-lines of those relics, we could find that Yangcheon-cheok was suitable for use at limited times (from 9:00 to 15:00) during the year. Also, this sundial is more appropriate for use at low latitudes than high ones. Among existing relics, that of Seoul Museum of History made with porcelain was much more suitable to use at Hanyang and its higher latitude. Lee’s collection was also suitable to use at Nanjing. It is certain that Yangcheon-cheok was a portable sundial which could be used from nine to fifteen of clock all the year around except for the winter season.